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January 08, 2009

Just the beginning. Tried out something new for the navigation: SPRY! The links aren't alive yet. So, come back soon and check how it all floats.

January 04, 2009

screenshot website anneliesAt long long loooong last, I've taken the time to re-style my playground, with proper markup, and no tables. It's about time... I've done 2 other sites in the meantime that were xhtml/css based:
A History of Berkeley (for ~alan) and a website for my orthomolecular therapist, Annelies Offenberg.

so it's a bloody shame to stay behind and not doing it right and modify the markup in my own backyard...
screenshot website annelies Doing it the lazy way this time. I just grabbed a DW template, did some pulling and pushing with widths, throwing in my home-made banner and backgrounds. And here we are.


I've not only been thinking about working with Joomla (pre-fab) templates for a while, I've been trying to get a grip on it as well. Not so eas, if your acquainted with working with (x)html+css. In my opinion, it's a markup-madhouse. And of course the Joomla addicts will totally disagree with me, but they are - of course - entitled to their opinion.
Just to force myself to work with Joomla, I've given away a couple of domains and a 1-year free webhosting subscription to some friends and family. Added a Joomla template to them, and there we are... in less than 10 minutes, you can have a website up and running. But.. that's only part ONE.

If you want your own background and banners up, there's when the braincracking hassle with the totally illogical Joomla markup starts! I'm still trying to find out how to modify the Joomla template CSS, how to add a banner and a background image.... and holy cow, it's a headache of gigantic proportions... What a pile of garbage. The editor that comes with Joomla spits out the most horrifying (deprecated) markup.

So what have we here? A high tec php site, interwoven, with crippled html markup. THAT"S JUST TOO BAD!

And yeah, yeah, yeah, there is another side to the coin: Joomla has powerful advantages too (of course). Within a couple of clicks, you can have it spit out a webform, a poll, and what have you. I'm not underestimating that part. But as for now... I'm not too thrilled.

kilian screenshotfamiri lisse screenshot hannah screenshot

Screenshots of the Joomla templates I used for:
Kilian: (left)
Famiri-Lisse: Lisse-family, (middle)
Hannah: welldone (right)

These are still in their embryonic state - so to speak - and will gradually evolve into, hopefully beautiful babies. Otherwise, they will be properly xhtml/css styled! Then why not take yet another step and make my own JOOMLA templates... Yeah, yeah, yeah, started doing that also, but now I'm like a juggler, trying to keep way too many balls in the air... and right now, I just don't want to loose the fun with BUILDING websites. Yes, still BUILDING. Not that arrogant to call it DESIGN... Everyone is designing these days. Even if the sites are table based and with deprecated codes, and the w3c org validator spits out a couple of hundred errors.
Trying to keep it clean. But I'm not in the guru (or guruji) league. It's still a hobby. Everything I know comes mostly from the great guys and galz who provide awesome tutorials on the net. I will surely pay them some credit, and add links to their sites too, in the near (or even maybe distant future). Thanks to y'all for being so wonderful to share your knowledge.

November 05, 2008

banner obama

Well.... I am very, very surprised that the US has elected a black man, because the US is still a country up to its neck in apartheid/segregation and racism. I still fear for his life though. There are still forces that will not accept a black man in the WHITE HOUSE! And that's a reality. But I do hope Obama's message of UNITY will embed in not only the US society, but all over the world. It's time for fundamental changes, and for real harmony and peace, between ALL people of our world. I think that all people, everywhere, want to live in peace. And I think there is enough abundance in our world for all people to live a decent life without struggle and hunger. There is no need for poverty. All people are entitled to have good education and good health-care, It is - my humble opinion - perverse that a minority of 3% of the world owns 95% or even more.

I don't consider myself Surinamese or Dutch, I see myself as a world citizin. Maybe because of my heritage. I have all the main races in me, and more! ;-) From my father's side, it's rather clear, his dad is 100% Chinese, his mother was an unmixed negro woman. And I know lots of people will object to the word negro, I don't mind. It's just a word, I don't consider it to be a bad word.

From my mother's side it's a mix of negro+whites. One branch of her forefathers were jews, who had to leave Portugal around 1690, because of the Inquisition. Her granddad is from Belgium. He left his monastry the night before he would become a priest, went to Holland, joined the army and was sent to Surinam. Other ancestors of my moms are Amerindians. So, I have many many bloods flowing through me, which make it easier maybe to relate to most people. If somebody is a bastard, I just say THAT specific person is a bastard, not his whole race.

May all the people of our world join together
and look for similarities in each other instead of differences.

May all beings be HAPPY and live in PEACE with one another!

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