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Hey Jeanine,
A separate page in answer to your blogpost "Radical Compassion Part Two of Two".
It became a bit heavy with the pics, and I didn't want to burden your myspace too much.

To start off with, The Boat question
In order to inspire critical thinking, rather than just rote (memorization) learning, there is an exercise that professors often do at the Master's level with new students. The lesson goes something like, "There are x number of people in the boat and you (acting as the Supreme Being~for many of us a comfortable role ?) must choose who stays in the boat and who must be thrown overboard to insure the survival of the others. Each person is given a list of the names, ages, ethnicities and occupation of those on board. Based on the aforementioned discussion. How might you approach this exercise from an abundance perspective and how would you approach it from lack consciousness?
*I* would suggest following:
each person swims half an hour in turn.
In this way, no one gets ditched, and they exercise somewhat as well.
It must be hell to be stuck on a boat with so many people who try to safe their own souls.(SMILE)
This is a great question though.
It makes us realize, how we hang on to our dear life, and
who we will count IN and OUT of our circle

As to a comment of the statue in your blog. This reminded me again of our slavery monument in Amsterdam. I looked on the web for images, because I couldn't trace back mine.
The harddsks of this day, are too huge for me to find ANYTHING.
So I took these pics from the website, there was no mentioning of the photographer's name, nor a contact-email to get information for use (sorry)
btw: one of the houses in the background is my sister's place.

The sculptor of this monument is a long-time friend of my parents, since primary school:
Although I think a slavery monument is not needed
(we need to deal with slavery, injustice and inequality NOW),

I think he did a marvellous job. It's a beautiful monument.

Picture of Erwin

And I want to thank you for the post about "Immigration Reform". It was encouraging and heartwarming to find that there are many people who are out there with compassion. Too many myspace feardriven people invited me (!) and who were on the barricades again, bannerwaving and even more. Here was another round of fear-based lack thinking.
THEY are taking "our" jobs (we won't ever do, because too low-paid and too hard).
THEY don't speak English.
By the way, I read a report a couple of years back and it seems that within 30 years time
the 1st language in the US will be Spanish.
So, it's a good thing for those who oppose so much... to already start practising Spanish...?? huh?

I see that the Thich documentary link I posted "Peace is every step" didn't show ip in your blog.
Myspace boggles my mind. You read the book, wow!
Another one by his hand arrived here past week: about mindfulness. I'll be reading it soon.

In love and peace.
Amsterdam, July 22, 2007
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