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God Realized... well...we'll all get there, one illusional day, so no hurry...
Glad to hear you're almost healed.

That was a respectable bill you got from the hospital. For 6 days...??? I'm totally in awe. Yeah you're ver fortunate with your insurance. Almost 47% of the Americans don't have any coverage? And that in the land of the free? It's (sorry to say:) a disgrace.

Our health insurance was great, but the government has been making changes and it's Wild West right now. Prices have gone up spectacular. Everybody HAS health insurance here, that is not something that's optional. The problem is now with the coverage. Everything was paid for in the past.

I have since beginning of this year with the huge changes, taken one that covers everything, especially my alternative treatments, which I need big time to keep in shape. My former insurance only covered that for 450 Euro a year. And I had to pay 25% of the treatments myself. That's for about 8-10 treatments. I'm like, I need at least 30 treatments a year. Why start if you can't continue. I find that stupid thinking from their side. If it helps, let me just do it and feel better. The part I pay for myself, I can add up to the tax man, and I will get some money for that, so I have a little jar, with some extra to pay for the treatments. This new one pays 1500 EURO and is covered 100%, so that's much better. Difficult situation, but getting by.

You get a bit down this time of year? Some people do, when it gets dark so early. My mom and one of my sisters for instance. My mom has been using special daylight lamps therefore for over 20 years now.They have light treatments for people now in the hospitals and it seems to help!!!

X-Mas songs for 7 and a half hours at work.
That to me sounds quite depressing... (goodness). I love a Xmas song now and then, but this is like a curse.

HTML course, is about making webpages, without a WYSIWYG editor. E.g. my comment on your profile the other day. It's just writings. You can add everythnig to the pages, like image, sound etc. It's just website building done totally in notepad, not even WORD can't be used for it

Weather is not too bad here right now. I walked with only a sweater the other day. We have incredibly lovely sunny days, but today it's overcast and looking gloomy. Rains a bit too.But I take the weather just for what it is and remember the sun is always shining, I can't see it though because of the clouds. I'm glad I'm not influenced by the weather conditions.

Feeling okay. Realizing I'm okay, no matter what by just remembering that there is this Source of Love everywhere, in and outside of me and that I am loved, always.

Much love to you too my friend. I'll add some HTML hearts into this one. Hopefully MySpace is able to get it to you properly (HAH!)

Talk soon okay? Keep in touch.

S h e r i l l