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Q: Why AM I here....??
A: I really & truly STILL dunno

God, this is so weird.
I must have been totally OUT OF MY FRIGGIN' MIND....
too much sun, and lack of sleep - whatever - I'm stuck with this domain
for 2 years.... thank the Lord it's only $4.95/mo

and the domain - mind you, I got for
FREE... nah nah nah,
*T H A T*
is what I call a bargain.
hahaha... and why? ... because ... was taken,
was taken
was taken as well...
and I had no interest what-so-ever to have a domain...
which had ~by the way ~ also been taken.

And now I'm cracking my brains over, what
*I* should bring into cyberworld...
this is a looong shot...

I've got a lot to tell (at times), but who the hell is interested.... huh?
Will ask for ideas, fling the request into the universe...
That SURELY is often a pretty good way to get things done.

I'm actually quite good at making dreams of others come true...
working on my own dreams though and making them come true is tough,
a huge block... the size of the Mt Everest, at least.

So... it's far easier to put time and energy into others, as an excuse.
I'm tooo damn busy, can't you see...???

My fear of failure hides behind having NO time for myself...
to put a foundation under my castles in the air. (quote by Thoreau btw)

club van 100 foto

My plans and resolutions at the end of 2005, were - to start in 2006 with

  • teaching EFT,
  • teaching Quantum Touch,
  • EFT & Quantum-Touch healing sessions
  • aura-chakra healing, (finished the courses in 2005)
  • making and sell tachyon cells at Ebay,
  • making zappers and also sell at Ebay,

but since end of January 2006, these plans have landed on the backbuner, because I suggested singer/songwriter, Gentry Bronson, whom I met a couple of weeks earlier to add a few pages to his site (night-watchmen), viz. lyrics, gallery, journal, musicplayer etc. and then he said he had NO idea how to go about it.
I said I had little HTML knowledge from playing with sites in a distant past and no up-to-date skills whatsoever, but would like to give it a try ... and that's how it started off..

That became, in fact a load of,
mostly a NICE load of,
sometimes a
complicated load of, but it's been mostly fun and satisfying.

I may well say
I learnt a whole damn lot... and ,
not only related to website building.

In June a logo was needed for the new website, which was going to be launched at the end of the year, when the new album
No War was going to be released. There were no means to get it done. After a while I decided to get it out in the Universe. Placing an order, so to speak.
"Ask and you'll be given principle".

After I had sent out the request for the logo and had meditated on it for
15/20 mins, 15 logos just fell into my lap.

: they simply emerged by automatic doodling and scribbling.
It was a very remarkable experience.
One of them was chosen, which was a total surprise for me, because they were meant to be as an example to put the other party "at work" with scribbling/doodling.

The logo ended up on the website and on the No War CD, which has been released mid October 2006 a couple of months earlier than expected.

Strange to see that not having the slightest idea about what DESIGN actually means, this has happened.

So, now I find myself in doubt, whether at long last, I will let my teendream come true and have a tattoo on my BUTT, like Lady DeWinter from 3 Musketeers.

mmm... maybe I'll just have my own smiley signature tattoo-ed there... even nicer...

Likely not, I'm not "a" tatoo dame.

logo squiggly
no war cover

logo design: "moi"
cd-cover design: Toni Wells
As of September 7, 2006
the website is
not being maintained by
yours truly anymore.

So now, here I am
"creating" (AHUM) websites, from scratch.
Reading tons of tutorials and putting everything into practise at once..
And because I have been playing with websites for a couple of weeks, on and off since 1995, every 3-4 years or so, maybe it's time to seriously DO something with it.

In september '06 I followed a 5 weeks online Photoshop course.
Because of an overloaded schedule I wasn't able to finish the PHP course
(future future future).
Beginning of november '06 I started with another 5 week webdesign-course:


It's about time to get down to the core of things.

The last time I had actually done something with a website was only to upload pics after a reunion with classmates in May 2004.
Click here
And before that it was 1999, because of a total solar eclips. We had travelled to France and stayed with the bro' of my brother in law who has a house there that was right in the 100% area of the solar eclips.
On the "moment supreme" however, the clouds took over, but it was still sensational. It became very very dark. It became cold as well and very very silent, because all the animals just stopped making noises.

Few Solar eclips pics
solar eclips 2
solar eclips1
solar eclips 3
Hopefully one day I'll be able to see a TOTAL solar eclips,
without any clouds messing things up at "le moment supreme".

For a nice site with pics of the 1999 full solar eclips in France,
click image, below
zonneclips sml

So, I like messing around with websites... at times... it's like puzzling
(maybe that's why I like sudoku so much, and this is the Dutch spelling...),

I discovered Joomla and Mambo for webdesign and I really want to try that out soon. Already did some reading, downloaded some example-templates, and subcribed to webhost siteground who seems to be the best joomla webhost around. so... who knows where this all will lead to ...

Thanks to Gentry, who has given me the opportunity to dance and play with his pages.

The poor guy didn't have a clue where it would all lead to (and me neither....).
It was for the both of us, a leap of "faith" I suppose.
And I have been at times, really scared to fail... for not being able to pull it off and to disappoint him (and myself...) and half-way saying... jeez, sorry man, it was a mistake and I haven't got a clue HOW to go about it, and give back this project.

It turned out right, It looks better than I ever could have imagined...
and I'm not often (say: I'm never....) proud of the things I do,
but I've been incredibly pleased with this webkid of mine.

Yes, I can say with confidence that I liked it a lot, and that it WAS a beauty...
in spite of the fact that the website was when launched first week of August 2006,
still in the trial stages, because it was launched 2 months prior than agreed upon....
So the site has never been validated and lots of loose ends had to be tied up.

But hey, sometimes things just "go their own way".
The owner is the one responsible for the domain, and remains in the end the boss.
So, maintenance is not my responsibility anymore, since sepember 2006.
The site is not how it was built and how it used to look.

Future plans:
still lots of things to learn, concerning web-building... repeating, I'm not into "design..."
making forms to be used e.g. for emaillist subscriptions linked to the database,
and email unsubscribe option.
learn how to make templates, especially a navi-bar template.
Bit stubborn I want to make it myself and I just won't go for a ready made one as for now. I'll read some more about templates and wiill be watching an internet video-stream tutorial I bought the other day.


  • CSS
  • Learn PHP
  • Make PHP, Joomla & Mambo Pages
  • Server Side Includes,
  • etc. etc. just too much to mention. The SKY is the LIMIT.
Learning, day by day, step by step...
Life is GOOD.
We are always at the exact place and time we need to be,
even if we think we're not.

Amsterdam, February 27, 2008
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